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Help The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead win the indiedb #ioty2014 Indie of the Year!

Help The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead win the indiedb #ioty2014 Indie of the Year! 0

Hey Folks,

That’s right! Can you believe the indieDB indie of the year awards are here again? If you can, please head on over and drop us a vote! Come on, do it!

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Greenlight Update!

Greenlight Update! 0

Hey Folks,


Just a quick one today with an update on our Greenlight campaign! 


Here’s a screen grab of where we are, we’re still moving upwards be it at a slow pace. From what information we’ve gathered here on the www, it seems as though we’re doing well? What does it take to be greenlit I hear you say? Well there is an interesting article on gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com, here is some of the info…

This is the part that Steam doesn’t fully explain. What we do know is that, in order to be Greenlit, your game will have to rank in the top X of those currently being voted upon.

So what is X? Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer, but by looking at trends we can come up with an idea.

Between mid-October 2013 and the time of this writing, 277 titles have been Greenlit. I say “titles” because a small percentage of those Greenlit are non-games.

Also noteworthy is that, while Steam does approve smaller batches from time to time, 100 seems to be the magic number. Thus, in order to safely ensure comfortable passage onto Steam, you should probably aim for a ranking in the top 100, if not the top 50. Thus, X equals somewhere between 50 and 100. This approximation is subject to change as the service evolves.


So there we go, we’ll be looking to break into the top 100 as quickly as we can.

Thanks for reading!

Best Wishes

– The Team

July Update!

July Update! 0

Hey Folks,

Well lots to get through so I won’t dilly-daddale!

We would like to officially announce our new game, The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead its what has been keeping us so busy for the last few months! We’re really excited and are just about ready to show some proof of concept game play and thought you’d enjoy a heads up! Heads-up!

Whats it about then?

It’s  an atmospheric first person sci-fi horror adventure, set within the mind of a suspected killer and tells the story of a world recovering after a cataclysmic event.

The struggling survivors, clinging to an ever decaying society where murder, assault and battery run rife, turn to an experimental form of justice.

Known only as the “The Corridor”, the experimental program allows specially selected individuals to be trained as Custodians. Custodians are tasked with entering the minds of suspected murders in attempt to solve the most twisted and horrific murders.

Their primary role is to seek out indisputable memory evidence for conviction.

The game’s foundation lies in its strong story, atmosphere and exploration but will also include puzzle and adventure elements.

Oculus Rift in mind

We’re also adding support and designing it with the Oculus Rift in mind from the off and we’ll have more development updates soon regarding that.

We actually created a new super-dooper site because we think it deserves all of its own and We’ll be mirroring our development post’s from now on you can find what you need at either site.


We’ll also be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon and we’ll reveal much more about the game then!

Well that’s all for this post but be sure to keep an eye out for further updates!



Daydream Elf,

March? When did that happen!? 0

Hey Folks,

Well another chunk of time has flown by here at Desktop HQ and we promised you and update on why we’ve been so quiet. So, here goes…

We’ve been working on a new game! We can’t reveal too much just yet as we’ll be releasing a teaser soon but we can tell you it’s an immersive first person psychological horror, set in the mind of a suspected killer.

We’ll have much on the story, game play and key concepts soon.

Here are a couple of pre-alpha screen grabs that we hope you’ll enjoy.




Currently, we’re at a pre-alpha stage, working on proof of concept and testing early mechanics.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and thanks for taking the time to stop by and check in what we’ve been doing!

Thanks for reading!
– Desktop Daydreams Elf

Update – Well Hello! 0

Good Morning Folks,

Happy Saturday! First up a small apology for our lack of updates.

The reason we’ve had our heads down is that we’ve been a little busy working on a new project! That’s right a new project! Exciting times, but we can’t say too much at the moment as we’re still putting a few things together to show you guys.

We’ll be letting a few things out in the coming months.

In the meantime, here’s a small in game screen grab….


We’ll keep you updated ;-)

Thanks for being patient!



Wordy Hits Google Play! 0

Hey Folks,


First off, a big apology for the lack of chat here on our blog. We’ve been very busy working on getting Wordy ported over to Android!

As you’re most likely aware, we’ve finished! Whoo!

Go and check it out here, and please rate it once you’ve had a play!



Thanks for staying with us!

Dev update # 5 Immersion Concerns 0

Hey Folks,

This week we’ve given a face lift to the main menu screen, finished a teaser trailer and added another level of immersion to the game.

Main menu screen
Although you folks won’t have seen our original menu here’s a screen grab to show you the differences.


The original menu was kind of cobbled together for functionality and testing rather than aesthetics. So, we took some time to think about what we wanted the player to be able to access from the entry screen and reorganized some of the framework.

The new menu allows players access to playing the game, the store, settings, social media, achievements and the tutorial.


Teaser trailer

Yup the teaser is here….


One of our concerns with the current build was the amount of immersion the levels/puzzles were providing. The current setup is HUD heavy due to the swiping letter system in place.
We felt this obscured a lot of the level and in turn the puzzles were getting lost. We looked at what we could do to create improved immersion in the levels and realized that the letters were only ever needed when the player was using them to solve a puzzle.
We decided to make the letters almost completely transparent and they become opaque when the player interacts with them. Once the player has finished they hide themselves again! Cool eh?
This improves the level immersion considerably and allows the player to engage in the puzzle more effectively.

The week ahead

Well, this week will be used to add some final situational sound effects to the game as well as beginning the process of our marketing campaign!


Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!
The Desktop Daydreams Elf

Dev update # 4 Co-routines and tutorials! 0

Hey Folks,


First things first, a small apology to those who regularly read the dev update, it’s a little later than scheduled but things are getting exciting here at Desktop Daydreams HQ.

We’re moving ever closer to getting Wordy finished and released to you folks.

What have we been doing this week you ask? Well the team have finally finished adding some little tweaks to all the puzzles and we’ve creating a player tutorial.


The small tutorial introduces players to the gameplay and it will go through how a typical level will work using an example.

We felt that an interactive tutorial was a better approach, allowing the players to actual manipulate a level and investigate how things work for themselves.

You’ll be introduced to clue bubbles, the letters you can drag in there and the clue system.

There also a mention of looking at the level to get the visual clues.

We’ve actually been working with Coroutines. They’re a great way of making things happen step by step which is perfect for the tutorial. We can also use them to wait for the player to do something; a very powerful and flexible way of achieving this system.

If you’re a coder/scripter and are interested in how coroutines work, Unity Gems has a nice article here which may be off interest.

Well again, a fairly short one. As we get closer to release there gets less and less to tell you our folks.

Thanks for checking and have a great week!


The Desktop Daydreams Elf


PS…the trailer should be out soon !

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