Dev update #3 – “Where are our minds?”

April 5, 2013

Hey folks,


Welcome to this week’s development update for Wordy.

This week has been a busy one and as we sit down and write our development update, we find ourselves asking “Where are our minds?”

Here in the office, we’ve had a lot of businessy things going on in the background which always take up a lot of time but, we won’t go into that in this post!



We mentioned last week that we were adding some final touches to the What’s puzzles. Well this week has been a similar affair and the team have been tweaking the Toy Factory and Sweets Worlds.

We wanted to tighten up a lot of the puzzles to make sure the player has the best possible experience. Basically, it’s been testing! testing! testing! And more testing!

Here is some in game artwork from a Toy Factory puzzle and a Sweets puzzle.

Toy Factory


The Toy Factory’s art style and puzzles are based around a mechanical/factory concept. As you can see from the artwork the Toy Factory is a grimy place! Most of the puzzle reflect this world and use objects in the puzzles that would be found there.

The Sweets world however is a complete contrast and is set in a world made of sweets! We know…your welcome! 😉 The puzzles found here also use the environment to good effect.

Final Sound FX’s are going in too and we’ll be sharing more on that later.


Another short but sweet (no pun intended) update, as we’re getting to the end of the development cycle it seems we can’t talk as much as we don’t want to spoil anything for you folks!


Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!

The Desktop Daydreams Elf