Dev update # 4 Co-routines and tutorials!

April 15, 2013

Hey Folks,


First things first, a small apology to those who regularly read the dev update, it’s a little later than scheduled but things are getting exciting here at Desktop Daydreams HQ.

We’re moving ever closer to getting Wordy finished and released to you folks.

What have we been doing this week you ask? Well the team have finally finished adding some little tweaks to all the puzzles and we’ve creating a player tutorial.


The small tutorial introduces players to the gameplay and it will go through how a typical level will work using an example.

We felt that an interactive tutorial was a better approach, allowing the players to actual manipulate a level and investigate how things work for themselves.

You’ll be introduced to clue bubbles, the letters you can drag in there and the clue system.

There also a mention of looking at the level to get the visual clues.

We’ve actually been working with Coroutines. They’re a great way of making things happen step by step which is perfect for the tutorial. We can also use them to wait for the player to do something; a very powerful and flexible way of achieving this system.

If you’re a coder/scripter and are interested in how coroutines work, Unity Gems has a nice article here which may be off interest.

Well again, a fairly short one. As we get closer to release there gets less and less to tell you our folks.

Thanks for checking and have a great week!


The Desktop Daydreams Elf


PS…the trailer should be out soon !