Dev update # 5 Immersion Concerns

April 19, 2013

Hey Folks,

This week we’ve given a face lift to the main menu screen, finished a teaser trailer and added another level of immersion to the game.

Main menu screen
Although you folks won’t have seen our original menu here’s a screen grab to show you the differences.


The original menu was kind of cobbled together for functionality and testing rather than aesthetics. So, we took some time to think about what we wanted the player to be able to access from the entry screen and reorganized some of the framework.

The new menu allows players access to playing the game, the store, settings, social media, achievements and the tutorial.


Teaser trailer

Yup the teaser is here….


One of our concerns with the current build was the amount of immersion the levels/puzzles were providing. The current setup is HUD heavy due to the swiping letter system in place.
We felt this obscured a lot of the level and in turn the puzzles were getting lost. We looked at what we could do to create improved immersion in the levels and realized that the letters were only ever needed when the player was using them to solve a puzzle.
We decided to make the letters almost completely transparent and they become opaque when the player interacts with them. Once the player has finished they hide themselves again! Cool eh?
This improves the level immersion considerably and allows the player to engage in the puzzle more effectively.

The week ahead

Well, this week will be used to add some final situational sound effects to the game as well as beginning the process of our marketing campaign!


Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!
The Desktop Daydreams Elf