Dev Update #5 – Unity 5, New team members and Xbox One

March 28, 2015
Tim Newsome-Ward

Hi Folks,

Well it’s been quite some time since we updated you all on what’s been happening here at Desktop Daydreams HQ and its time to set that right!

We’ve been incredibly busy and as most of you will know, Unity 5 was released! The inevitable question arouse, ‘Shall we upgrade?‘ It was a daunting premise.

We started creating early prototypes for The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead in Unity 4 over a year and a half ago and our development pipeline had streamlined itself to that version of the engine.  Unity 4 became the bedrock of the project, we created tools, assets, set up lighting and all the other aspects of development.

It was a hard decision to make, pulling this foundation out from under us was terrifying especially mid way through the project. In the end though, our inner geek had to see the shiny new tech…



Thanks for stopping by.

– Daydream Elf