Dev Update #6 – That elusive milestone Alpha

October 6, 2015
Tim Newsome-Ward

Hi Folks,

Well its been a long time coming but we are happy to announce that we are finally, finally into Alpha! Hooray! Whats the big deal about Alpha? I hear you say, well it means that the core features of the game are built and functioning and we can now focus on getting memories up and running and creating some game play.

As you know, we took the decision a while ago to move the project to Unity 5 and our tiny team of 2.5 people have been on a continual learning curve over the past few months. You can read about our journey over here in our ‘Life After Kickstarter‘ interview we did with Tom Bennett. Its a great summary of where we are and where we’ve been, give it a read if you get chance and I’ll say sorry now if we ramble on too much 😉

There’s been frustration along the way but we’ve remained positive and focused on the game, and while there are still a few things which aren’t quite working with Unity 5 such as Occlusion culling and mixed lighting we’re moving froward.

If you managed to attend Boston Unite 2015 you may have seen Tony there, armed with a trusty laptop and ready to show a playable Alpha we managed to get together for some early feedback. The initial response has been great and we’re taking some of what we’ve learned at the event and applying it to development.

We’re also bringing the existing artwork that was produced in Unity 4 kicking and screaming into Unity 5. That takes time, a lot of what we had has been rebuilt to take advantage of the new physically based system.

We’re moving forward and we’ll hopefully have more frequent development updates for you, as well screen grabs and video.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and stick with us.

The Team