Dev update #8 – Brightness in the darkness

June 7, 2016
Tim Newsome-Ward

Hi Folks,

Its time again for a much needed update (thanks to all who reminded me, you know who you are!).

We’re so busy making the game, that sometimes we forget to take a breath and take stock of where we’re at with development. Here we go then, back in March we ran some feedback sessions on an Alpha build which consisted of an early level in the game. The aim was to get any serious issues such as crashes or accessibility issues nipped in the bud as well any game play feedback. When you’re a small indie developer, resources are finite, extremely finite so we often turn to the community to ask for their feedback. There an extremely valuable resource to have and one thing that turned up was the varying degrees of brightness across different monitors and platforms. A community member also played the build on their Mac via wine and noticed some issues with brightness. Although it was on our to-do list, we decided to bump up the implementation of a brightness slider.

Lighting is one the key aspects of the game atmosphere and we’re still in the process of fine tuning the slider as to not wash out the games carefully composed lighting. Here’s a screen grab of the new slider in the options menu:


As most of you who read the blog will know, when we made the switch from Unity 4 to Unity 5 we brought over a lot of assets and levels which have needed a bit of a rebuild to take advantage of the new engine. One of the levels/memories was a converted warehouse which was used to house a work force. We’ve strived to create an environment which tells its own story about the world your in and the Warehouse (we hope) is one of those places. Here’s a sneaky screen peek:


We’ll leave it there for this update but we’re working hard to get the game looking and playing as well as we can and we hope to be into early access in the not too distant future.

Thanks for reading,

The team