Final Chapter Update #3

March 17, 2020
Tim Newsome-Ward

Hi everyone,

Now that we’re past the festivities and settled into the New Year, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and write an update.

As some will know, we’ve been busy over the last couple of months, making lots of progress on the Final Chapter Update and supporting the game. Plus talking with the community and getting their thoughts on improving some of the features of the game.

As well as some bug fixes one of the things that has cropped up is the need for us to provide a way to rebind our control system. Accessibility is extremely important to us and thanks to some excellent engineering, Tony our chief coder has managed to implement a system we hope you will like. We are using the excellent Rewired plug-in for Unity which allows both the rebinding of keyboard/mouse and gamepad. We’re just doing some final testing and then we will push the update. I made a quick demo video over here:

As the game has been in development for a little over 5 years, Our creative director, Daz, has been revisiting the original scenes and has given them a texture and lighting makeover which will bring them in line with the new memories and freshen them up. Here are a few screens of some of the new lighting and texture updates:

For those that maybe interested, the game has had quite the evolution, from it original conception in Unity 4, we’ve moved through each iteration of Unity up to our current version which is Unity 2018 LTS.

Additionally there will also be some new things to seek out in the original memories that players who have been with us from the beginning should hopefully find rewarding.

Final chapter update
VR version
Xbox version

That’s all for now but I’m always around in the forums and on discord if you have any questions.

Head over to our steam page and check it out!

Thanks for reading!