Greenlight Update!

September 5, 2014
Tim Newsome-Ward

Hey Folks,


Just a quick one today with an update on our Greenlight campaign! 


Here’s a screen grab of where we are, we’re still moving upwards be it at a slow pace. From what information we’ve gathered here on the www, it seems as though we’re doing well? What does it take to be greenlit I hear you say? Well there is an interesting article on, here is some of the info…

This is the part that Steam doesn’t fully explain. What we do know is that, in order to be Greenlit, your game will have to rank in the top X of those currently being voted upon.

So what is X? Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer, but by looking at trends we can come up with an idea.

Between mid-October 2013 and the time of this writing, 277 titles have been Greenlit. I say “titles” because a small percentage of those Greenlit are non-games.

Also noteworthy is that, while Steam does approve smaller batches from time to time, 100 seems to be the magic number. Thus, in order to safely ensure comfortable passage onto Steam, you should probably aim for a ranking in the top 100, if not the top 50. Thus, X equals somewhere between 50 and 100. This approximation is subject to change as the service evolves.


So there we go, we’ll be looking to break into the top 100 as quickly as we can.

Thanks for reading!

Best Wishes

– The Team