Wordy Dev update #2

March 29, 2013

Hey folks,

We hope this finds you having a great start to the Easter weekend and welcome you to this week’s development update on Wordy!

This week finds the team focused on adding some final little touches to the What’s world. The screen grab below from the iPad shows you how the whats world looks.


As some of you will already know, the What’s world contains 10 puzzles for you to solve and we’ve been hard at work doing some final testing and polishing up bits, here and there.

The What’s puzzles contains creatures who are coincidentally named “”The What’s” and one of the new additions this week is a creature who loves to live on flag poles!


Here he is in all his glory:


That’s all we can say really as we don’t want to give too much more away and it’s safe to say we’ll hopefully have some puzzles form the Toy Factory next week to show!


Cross platform magic


We’re building Wordy with the Unity 3d game engine and one of the reasons we’re developing with unity is its cross platform capabilities.

We’ll be releasing to the app store first off and then we’ll begin porting over to android for Google’s play store, Amazon store and the Samsung app store among others.


Well that’s about all this week, short and sweet!

For everyone here at Desktop Daydreams HQ – Happy Easter and why not take a look at Happy bunnies for some Easter bunny fun!