Wordy Development Update!

March 22, 2013

Hey Folks,

It’s been a while since we have updated you on the state of play with Wordy so we thought it was about time we updated everyone.

As you know Wordy takes word puzzles & visual clues, mixes them and creates a unique experience!


Testing it out

After some early testing we did with the local University (cheers guys!) and various testers, we decided we needed to extend some of the mechanics in the game to allow for an enhanced experience.

The game screen below shows how the game originally played. Once the player began the puzzle, they had instant access to a clue.



Pressing the clue icon revealed a clue the player could use to decipher the puzzle.

One of the main issues while observing the players, was that they would often go for the clue far too quickly before really taking a look at the puzzle.

It became: new puzzle-press clue button-look at clue.

After all, the puzzles are all based around visual clues within the environment. Each puzzle can be solved by taking a good hard look at what’s going on in front of you!

Overall, we felt this kind of detracted from what the game was all about and decided to change up the mechanics a little.


What’s changed then?

One of the main changes is a variable clue timer to give us control of releasing the clues to the player.  There are also “clue points” available to spend on clues. This hopefully will make the player think about how they use the clues as they are a limited!

We thought it would be really neat to get your Facebook friends or your followers involved too. So, we included some functionality to post the puzzle to your social networks and get them involved.

The new layout of the UI is shown below.


You can see that the clue button at the top left has now got two number’s associated with it. The top left represents the players total number of clues left. The bottom left number represents the total clues left for the puzzle.


Well, thanks for reading! We still adding some polish and fine tuning but stay tuned for further updates and a release date!